Haere mai. Fáilte. Welcome.

As the founder of the world-class female success organisation, Co.OfWomen, I’m dedicated to ensuring women have access to the practical resources, support and connections to equip their success and stand in their power. What drives me is the knowledge that when women achieve the fullness of our success, we change the world. #FemalePower

Some Key Milestones


I was in my mid twenties when I got a pivotal temp assignment at Apple (a role I almost didn’t take as I’d never heard of it!). I was eventually employed full-time as Receptionist, where over some years I progressed from admin roles into the Marketing team and ultimately holding a senior Marketing position.

MNZM Induction

In recognition of my work in support of women and business, I was honoured as a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2016, a truly humbling milestone on the journey. At the time I felt it was far too early for me to receive such an honour. I remain immensely grateful to those who made this happen.


I founded a world-class membership-based business support/professional development organisation focused on the how-to of success for women from every domain, at every stage. This journey is now over a decade long and has featured significant milestones. Still, it feels like we’re just getting going.

My Thoughts

Over the years of working in the space of female success, I have discovered a surprising secret – we are already powerful and success is ours to have. But there is a poverty of understanding of what female power is and how it can be harnessed. It’s a conversation we all have a voice in. It’s been my privilege to lead this conversation.

I have dedicated my life to building an organisation that can sustain itself, outlast me, and continue the incredible work of equipping female success.

For Profit, For Good.


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Tara Lorigan
Auckland, New Zealand

+64 9 52 343 25