Female Success

Female Success

I am the founder of, Co.OfWomen, a world-class organisation that champions the practical how-to of female success for women from every domain, employed and business owner alike.

I never planned for my entrepreneurial journey to bring me to be a champion of female success. When endeavoured to create a business that could scale (and ideally sell), it was with all genders in mind.

I came to the ‘female’ success market as a niche because my business idea could better serve women. But it wasn’t until the end of the first year of launching Co.OfWomen that the penny dropped for me about what distinguished the female success journey.

With the penny drop, I had the realisation that so much of what had impeded my success was a gender response to what was happening. It would be some time and the appointment of our second Chair, Theresa Gattung, before I also recognised that it was my essential female power with its feature-rich elements that was also propelling my success.

That first year moment was the start of an epic journey of discovery of what distinguishes a female success journey, what will best support it and , importantly, the defining of female power and understanding the ways we can harness it to serve us.

One of the things that amazed me for some time was that there was no comparable organisation anywhere in the world to Co.OfWomen. What the world is full of, however, is a lot of events selling inspiration hosted by truly well-meaning folks that present the latest ‘Suzy Superstar’ for our inspiration, followed by networking. The blaring problem with these events is that they don’t give me the thing I crave, the knowledge and understanding of how I can become my own Suzy Superstar. As women continue to grapple with that question, while continuing to attend these events, what we can experience the unintended impact of eroding confidence as we start to question whether success is actually for the few.

I did work out the answer to the question of why Co.OfWomen has not, in the almost decade we’ve been in operation, come across any direct competition (that I genuinely hope exists). You see, our customer is a person whose biology is designed to forget herself in favour of supporting others – aka motherhood. So, building a business model to serve a customer with a biological preference to not prioritising what she needs is tricky, to say the least. But with huge determination we have worked it out and built a powerfully effective model that addresses female power and success – something I am immensely proud to lead.

My commitment to playing a part in making a huge difference for women took a quantum leap the moment I realised that empowered women dedicate themselves, and their resources to changing the world. We can’t help it. This is one of the most powerful upsides of our biology. Our power as women is deeply embedded in this. When harnessed, it makes us influential leaders, entrepreneurs or frankly anything the heck we want to be.

So ladies, wherever you’re up to on your female success/power journey, I’m in. Let’s change the world together.

My Success, My Terms. Hell yes!