Dame Julie Christie DNZM

Tara has an infectious passion that she brings to every mission. And missions they are! If Tara thinks it’s worth doing she throws herself into a project wholeheartedly and with absolute professionalism. Her unique empathy, her natural leadership style and outstanding interpersonal skills have seen thousands of women sign up to share her goal – to identify and champion female success. I often feel that Tara can talk anyone into anything and it has been fantastic to see so many women benefit from her networking, mentoring and advocating for talented women across all organisations and walks of life.

Dame Julie Christie DNZM

Theresa Gattung CNZM

Tara has led the way in reimagining and supporting female success. Applying her full energy to everything she does Tara is eloquent in her expression, curious and enquiring in her approach and, of course, necessarily resilient! 

She is a great marketer and connector of people which is always done in a very considered and genuinely caring manner. Tara was very early to the table in seeing how to really make a partnership with wāhine Maori work. I really enjoyed my time working with her at Co.OfWomen.

Theresa Gattung CNZM – Entrepreneur

Dr. Lee Mathias ONZM

Leading in today’s busy unusual times takes a special type of sensitivity and high emotional quotient. Tara Lorigan has both in spades and she uses it to compliment her strong knowledge base and coaching and support training.

When Tara found me, she had the seed of an idea about supporting women during their entrepreneurship journey. Ten years ago there was very little support for women to be in business in a woman-friendly way. Tara has been instrumental in leading the change to feminine equity in business in New Zealand and teaching us all how to celebrate our success.

Dr. Lee Mathias ONZM – Entrepreneur

Ranjna Patel ONZM

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara since 2013. First as a member of Co.OfWomen and then on the advisory board. She brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the membership, and has supported some amazing women grow their potential. I have seen the growth and development of women and their companies go from strength to strength. There are many shining examples of individuals who have succeeded with Tara’s coaching and mentoring, including Kiri Nathan, Mimi Gilmore, Sophie Gilmore and Angela Pile.

Ranjna Patel ONZM – Nirvana Health Group

Megan May

Tara brings a beautiful balance of head and heart to her work, you always feel incredibly supported and truly heard when working with her. Tara is true champion of woman and their success in the most genuine way.

Megan May – Little Bird Organics

Kaz Staples

I met the gorgeous Tara when I was part of a women’s conference about five years ago. I was instantly taken by her passion and drive to change the face of how women can get the support and tools they need to thrive and survive in business. I signed up to a membership and have never looked back. Some of the events that I have attended have been not only inspiring, but really educational and I have always walked away with ‘gold nuggets’ that I have used to help me navigate the craziness. I have had the pleasure of not only receiving from the Co.OfWomen on so many different platforms, but as my business has grown and evolved, I have been able to give back which is a big part of my ‘Why’. I have recently been invited to join Co.OfWomen’s board and I cannot express enough how proud I am to work alongside Tara and the other amazing board members.  It will be a privilege to support Tara and her quest to the lives of women for the better and to help them find their ’success’, whatever that looks like for them.

Kaz Staples – Founder Pure Delish